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Back in September we met up with our colourful friend Clara Venice to give her a personal tour of the Funhouse Underwater Ballroom. We invited her to explore the scene, where she could play with all the interactive projection mapping elements while we discussed possibilities of using reflexion visuals in her show. 
For those who don’t know Clara Venice, I’d described her as the best theremin player I know of – a talented young musician sporting a sweet Holographic Pop Vocalist look and electro sound with wonderfully written melodies and lyrics filled with catchy hooks that you won’t soon forget. In Clara’s words “I control frequencies with my mind” and that she does, emulating the slight of hand magic that audiences witness during her live shows. Clara also actively advocates for her instrument and has created a cool series of demonstration videos and cover songs showcasing the Theremin… the only musical instrument you play without touching. 
You can check out all of her music and other fun posts on her insta.. @claravenice or website

We met Clara earlier this year when she was performing at The Funhouse where we really enjoyed the music and was wowed by that theremin performance so we figured it was a great fit to have her play at the refleXion_visuals launch party. It so happens that she has performed around the world, recently touring Japan and performing for some of the biggest tech company corporate events spending a lot of time between LA and hometown Toronto. So we were lucky to have her play our launch party and It’s been a joy to work with her. I was impressed by Clara’s technical knowledge and how she is already using creative projection effects and crowd interaction ideas in her shows. We naturally began discussing possibilities of adding refleXion visuals into her performance. Leveraging our Interactive projection mapping and AR tools could help engage the audience and tell her live show story in a more dynamic and exciting way by giving her fans new ways to interact and experience the show.
On this special day with Clara we brought our photographer Andrija Dimitrijević of AD Photografe with us to capture Clara exploring the immersive Underwater Ballroom and interacting with our augmented reality projection world.
Thanks so much Clara for your interest in refleXion visuals and for sharing your wonderful talents with us. Please enjoy Clara’s augmented underwater Adventure with us in the gallery below…

Article by : Scott VJ Guy (LVA founder and director)
The Funhouse Toronto created by : @mondoforma
Photo Credits : AD Photografe
No unauthorized usage

Photo Credit : AD Photografe
No unauthorized usage

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