Sculpting assets for refleXion in Z-Brush

Z Brush is one of my main modeling tools along with Maya and I have used it for a wide range of production needs. 3D sculpting tools like Z brush are used to add hyper realistic details to models or create full 3d assets in a unique intuitive artist driven way. Powerful exporting tools allow us to create high detail production content as well as real time game models or files for 3D printing within the same workflow. Seamless fie sending to Maya and back makes it easy to build and texture objects and then pop into Maya with Go Z to animate and set things up. Once a base model file is set up we export the model for use in Unity 3d where we apply the refleXion component effects and animator controls.
We are building up some cool content for the first refleXion release from Wack Monster Interactive that I am excited to share soon. Experimenting with some concepts like unlocking and unfolding interconnected objects as you explore our first real-time visuals source app… More on that to come
Check out a few videos I will list here of my sculpting / modelling process in Z brush. The mutant shark was used in The Funhouse Underwater Ballroom Halloween scene and came out to attack the “glass” wall scaring the kids who came near triggering out interactive sensor zones.

Learn more about refleXion real time visuals systems at

Just want to wish everyone a safe time ahead and send a huge thank you out to all the health care workers and other essential workers out there keeping the world moving.
We hope to see you and share much more livevideoart IRL soon as this all clears up .
Vj Guy 🙂 one <3

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