New company Linked-In Page + Streaming channel

First we want to wish everyone out there a safe and healthy week. Hopefully everyone who can is staying in and helping to stop the spread while our essential workers are out there keeping things moving. We are all in this together and taking care of each other by following the precautions to help bring things back to normal .
I made a GIF that is shared in the previous blog post to help spread the message of #stayhome if anyone feels like sharing it out there.

Get Linked in to LVA
If you are on Linked-in and want to connect with Livevideoart on that platform please click the image below and follow our new official business page.

I have had some luck on this job search site as a freelancer with some big opportunities finding me once and a while over the years and so we hope this trend will grow along with us at our new LVA home on Linked In.

Live Streams and Vlogs
We have set up some streaming channels in an attempt to stay connected with our audience and friends out there and also encourage us to publish some more VLOG style content with some live streams showing design and project process.

For the foreseeable future we will do a live stream at least once a week starting Tuesday March 31st, on You Tube and on Mixer featuring original live performances DJ/VJ mixes info vids like tips on using Resolume for VJs & projection mapping artists.
We also have a space for some casual VR gaming streams and place to geek out on the latest piece of ARVJ kit.

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