Live VLOG and Online Virtual Venues

With the thinking we should be ready to adapt to a world of online and remote connected events LVA is poised to offer a unique online virtual venue experience.

This Monday April 20th we will be presenting the first ever live broadcast of the new refleXion Virtual Venue system . A 420 Celebration featuring some great Toronto DJ talent and visuals by Yours truly. Link us with LVA and friends on Facebook , MIXER or the You Tube live channel. Follow and hit notification bell to get updates on new episodes and events.

This virtual venue system will add real time reactive and interactive 3d graphics environments around the DJs or performer and place them into a new dimension of digital possibilities. We provided a curated online event experience that DJs and performers can cast themselves into from anywhere in the world and be seen and heard by their global audience. There are so many possibilities of how users can interact and view our virtual spaces, I am excited to explore this new frontier of event production with our partners Wack Monster Interactive and a network of amazing artists and creators. Please get in touch if you are interested in using this service to host your online virtual events.

I went live last week with our first LVA live VLOG stream where we will be discussing and showcasing projects and topics like projection mapping, digital design techniques, real time graphics and now live streaming content and virtual events,

I hope you check out the first episode and subscribe to the You Tube Channel to help us grow and get notified about our next video.

You can also catch me on MIXER doing some VR gaming and 3D art plus re streaming the VLOG show and some other cool streamers on the platform.

Until next time … Hats of to you my digital warriors ,

Vj Guy