refleXion Virtual Venues Live Alpha Sessions

Last Wednesday we did the first of our live Alpha sessions . A live test of the system featuring two 1hr Psytrance DJ sets by DJ Black Amber and DJ Tommy Plan B. DJs and VJs Streamed live from their homes into our 3D world and rebroadcast by the refleXion virtual production app on a resolume media server. Follow @reflexionvirtual on Twitch to interact with the scene live using our secret chat commands.

A few years back we started up a dev/design team and have been working on (refleXion) creating immersive interactive experiences and reactive visuals using our set of tools in Unity 3D combined with multiple input / output control methods and our Media Servers running Resolume Arena 7 controlling all the screens and additional content layers.

When the pandemic and following lock downs hit we realized it was going to be a while before we get to do any live installations but we understood immediately that we could take our tech online via live stream and eventually a shared virtual experience. At first we were just preparing a bunch of cool 3D audio reactive backgrounds for DJs to perform in front of but that was quickly expanded into the more fully realized real time interactive virtual venue experience concept you see above.

We are going to be doing some more regular Alpha session gigs and the show will get better and better every week. I know the feedback of this awesome community will be very valuable so let us know what you think so far.
There will be a call out for artists to take part in the Alpha session trials if anyone is interested in streaming a VJ set into one of our next refleXion Virtual Venue gigs.

refleXion visuals is being developed by Wack Monster Interactive as a source plugin for resolume as well as a stand alone version. We include a robust cross app OSC control config and wide range of automation and customization options for users. With our smart camera tools refleXion visuals l can be used in single screen background effects or complex projection mappings as well as producing dynamic and larger than life virtual productions.
For more information on refleXion visuals and Wack Monster Interactive visit

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