HUB Montreal Online

This week I was glad to attend the HUB Montreal conference via it’s 2020 online presentation platform. The event is sponsored by Panasonic and features excellent showcases and presentations by top creative and technical innovators from around the world with live Q and A periods and panel discussions. Topics included Projection Mapping , AR , Public Installations and VR. I was pleased to observe there was a general focus on the convergence of technologies and making meaningful use of our access to advanced cross platform connected systems.

Like everyone else I wish we could have been all together meeting in Montreal this year and going out for drinks and dinner or what not afterward. The online event platform was able to connect us for the most part and I enjoyed a spontaneous meeting with friends from Panasonic where I heard the big announcement they made about an amazing new projector and motion tracking system that is coming to market.

The all new PT-RQ50 is the latest flagship projector from Panasonic boasting native 4k resolution and 50,000 Lumens of brightness it has the most powerful and high detail imaging capabilities to date. Although the general quality, power and reliability are all top in class the most exciting feature is the support for ultra high speed image processing at 240fps developed for use with the latest fast motion tracking system also developed by Panasonic. This new system opens up amazing possibilities for live interactive projection mapping and we excited to give it a try here at LVA soon so more on that later,
Contact us if you are interested in using a setup like this in a future project!
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Overall I really enjoyed the experience of HUB 2020 even though it was only online and I know there were some challenges with streaming on the second day . I managed to still get a lot out of it and was inspired by the work of my peers. The programming , technology and work presented was more directly inline with my own business and career interests than any I have been to before, I often feel like we are often teetering on the cutting edge and its hard to find support but seeing all those other creators and companies working in the same directions as we are is very reassuring and I hope LVA can contribute to the community discussion more in the future, possibly showcasing in a future HUB presentation.

Thanks to the organizers and presenters and our friend Cathy Tucker for the invite.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more livevideoart content coming soon.

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