Season’s Greetings

As we say when wanting to easily wish everyone out there a very good time around the winter solstice. However you celebrate we know that this is an important time to come together and this year might not be the way we want or need but just stay strong and take care be kind to each other and we will get through to a better tomorrow in 2021.

Made this Christmas Card projection mapping to send our love to all our friends and family and viewers out there . Big shout out and thanks to our friends at Juice Works Exhibits for lending the space and setting up the hoarding wall to experiment on . Thanks to Panasonic Projectors for providing us a long term trial of these PTRZ 16K laser projectors , Follow and subscribe to the channel to see all our up coming posts including review and tutorials!
I will also share a extended version of this video soon featuring more info and BTS discussions.

As a extra little feature I had to try the much anticipated and talked about Cyberpunk 2077 on this huge wrap around screen and it was awesome. I am loving the game even though there are a few bugs here and there it is mostly just a great game with excellent story and characters IMHO.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone and we wish you the happiest new year