Feels good to win with the Big team!

Proud to see Big Digital bring home the prize from the Digital Signage Awards Yesterday for The Genesis Experience project at Pearson International Airport . As the Lead Projection Mapping Tech I designed and installed this system and maintain it to this day. Consulting with the creative and construction teams to have a complete experience within 30 seconds all framed around a highly detailed automotive projection mapping concept. The creative motion design fits perfectly into the experience and the brand identity as it reveals the car sparking it to life in front of your eyes. The visual content rendered from multiple perspectives has been wrapped around the car and the panoramic background using 6 projector. The clients wanted this level of detail so that when viewers pass by on the moving sidewalk they have a continuous viewing experience of the effect from all visible angles. Working closely with Thinkingbox , Big Digital and Juice works Exhibits I think we met all those goals and the many challenges on the way and delivered a world class installation for our Toronto International Airport.

Launched in 2018 at the Terminal 1 Parking Garage Entrance and operating 24/4 daily since then its almost timeless design and robust execution make for a long lasting activation only needing updates for future car model releases.
I achieved a highly detailed projection mapping layout using Resolume Arena Advanced mapping system and what I’ll call the poly mesh technique. Running on a custom built projection mapping media server the system has 7 outputs with 6 going to the 8,000 lumens WUXGA laser projectors. With an always online server I have remote viewing and settings adjustment capabilities from my home office but I also make a monthly visit to the site to make sure things are running and looking good.

I am grateful to have had this experience working with all the teams involved and I am looking forward to the next big idea we put together. Congratulations to all the winners at the Digital Signage Awards and the honored mentions. It was great to see all the ambitious digital visual experiences people are creating around the world.

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