Holiday Train Project Review with Creator

Join project director and lead artist Scott Guy of LIVEVIDEOART in a behind the scenes look at this Christmas experience made for guests of 13 Canadian shopping centers through Holiday 2021.

From projection systems to the build of our life size toy train car Scott presents the unique and remarkable elements of this project.
Created for holiday shoppers at Ivanhoe Cambridge | JLL malls, we want to say special thanks to Maria and the whole JLL marketing team for believing in us and partnering with LVA to offer this experience to Canadians.
We are specially proud of having met the goals set out to make a highly covid-safe, accessible and affordable experience for all folks to enjoy and the proceeds raised almost $60,000 for indigenous charity in Iqaluit Nunavut .
We also want to say nakurmiik (Inuktituk-thank you) and ninanoskomitin (I am grateful for you) to our Indigenous culture consulting organization IndigenED led by Veronica Johnny, for guiding us through the sensitive process of respectful representation of indigenous culture avoiding unintentional appropriation. We were honored to learn from these valuable knowledge keepers and share some of that in this public artwork.
We thank Panasonic Canada Inc. for their efforts getting our equipment delivered across Canada on time in a very challenging time for shipping and for lending us the 4K Camera we shot the footage on.
There are just to many to name but of course we really appreciate all the efforts of everyone across Canada who worked on this, we could not have done it without that excellent team.
Last but not least we thank all the guests who came out and anyone who is interested in or supportive of these type of experiences.
The LVA team is excited to continue working to offer these special spatial augmented moments for our clients and their guests.
Please watch the full video for all the details and like and subscribe our YouTube channel!

Experience Credits:
Designer and 3D Artist – Scott L Guy
Executive Producer – Mandy Leon
Music and Sound FX – Hans Ohm
Set Builders – ImagineIt3D
Remote Technicians – RAMCOM

Video Credits :
Host – Scott Guy
Director of Photography – Andrija Dimitrijević
Voice Over – Mandy Leon
Cameras Provided by Panasonic

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