Illuminating Port Hope

Through 2022 LVA had the pleasure of working with Critical Mass Arts in Port Hope Ontario, helping them realize goals of bringing projection mapping events to their creative arts loving community.
Critical Mass Arts works with a diverse group of artists and all types of art showcasing them in some fun community events. They are now integrating new media and projection arts into the program. Featuring a range of media artists established and up and coming, as well as getting local school kids involved with fun and easy interactive animation tools.
Big thanks to CMA’s Debbie B and team for trusting LVA to provide projection solutions and services. Also thanks to all the supporters and kiddos who came out in support of Illuminights @ the Candle light festival. We hope to see you all back there sometime in 2023

To create an accurate “Digital twin” and 3D model we could edit and animate into 3D projection effects we used Reality Scan a new and free photogrammetry app published by Epic Games. The process of scanning and exporting highly detailed 3D models with photoreal textures is incredibly easy with this I Phone app and should prove to be an incredible tool for 3D projection mapping and digital creators of all kinds.
See the raw models here on sketchhfab –

After exporting the 3D mesh from sketch fab the model is sliced up and processed for animation in Z brush and then animated in Maya . You can see a sample of our end mapping content in this YouTube video that was used in the NYE Illuminights event on the train bridge in Port Hope.

At Livevideoart we always love working with art focused and community groups making inspiring and positive experiences like the illuminights events in Port Hope. LVA proudly delivered a range of projection technology solutions and services to activate these events in 2022. We are looking forward to see more from Critical Mass Arts and their diverse group of art friends. Check out the CMA website and social media to learn more about them & their projects or contact the team and get involved.

“I have not posted much in the last year on the Blog but you can catch up with some BTS action on the LVA Instagram . There are some new developments and fun news to share so look out for more of that in my next post.
Happy 2023 everyone , “
Scott Vj Guy

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