refleXion Virtual Venues Live Alpha Sessions

Last Wednesday we did the first of our live Alpha sessions . A live test of the system featuring two 1hr Psytrance DJ sets by DJ Black Amber and DJ Tommy Plan B. DJs and VJs Streamed live from their homes into our 3D world and rebroadcast by the refleXion virtual production app on a resolume media server. Follow @reflexionvirtual on Twitch to interact with the scene live using our secret chat commands.

A few years back we started up a dev/design team and have been working on (refleXion) creating immersive interactive experiences and reactive visuals using our set of tools in Unity 3D combined with multiple input / output control methods and our Media Servers running Resolume Arena 7 controlling all the screens and additional content layers.

When the pandemic and following lock downs hit we realized it was going to be a while before we get to do any live installations but we understood immediately that we could take our tech online via live stream and eventually a shared virtual experience. At first we were just preparing a bunch of cool 3D audio reactive backgrounds for DJs to perform in front of but that was quickly expanded into the more fully realized real time interactive virtual venue experience concept you see above.

We are going to be doing some more regular Alpha session gigs and the show will get better and better every week. I know the feedback of this awesome community will be very valuable so let us know what you think so far.
There will be a call out for artists to take part in the Alpha session trials if anyone is interested in streaming a VJ set into one of our next refleXion Virtual Venue gigs.

refleXion visuals is being developed by Wack Monster Interactive as a source plugin for resolume as well as a stand alone version. We include a robust cross app OSC control config and wide range of automation and customization options for users. With our smart camera tools refleXion visuals l can be used in single screen background effects or complex projection mappings as well as producing dynamic and larger than life virtual productions.
For more information on refleXion visuals and Wack Monster Interactive visit

Live VLOG and Online Virtual Venues

With the thinking we should be ready to adapt to a world of online and remote connected events LVA is poised to offer a unique online virtual venue experience.

This Monday April 20th we will be presenting the first ever live broadcast of the new refleXion Virtual Venue system . A 420 Celebration featuring some great Toronto DJ talent and visuals by Yours truly. Link us with LVA and friends on Facebook , MIXER or the You Tube live channel. Follow and hit notification bell to get updates on new episodes and events.

This virtual venue system will add real time reactive and interactive 3d graphics environments around the DJs or performer and place them into a new dimension of digital possibilities. We provided a curated online event experience that DJs and performers can cast themselves into from anywhere in the world and be seen and heard by their global audience. There are so many possibilities of how users can interact and view our virtual spaces, I am excited to explore this new frontier of event production with our partners Wack Monster Interactive and a network of amazing artists and creators. Please get in touch if you are interested in using this service to host your online virtual events.

I went live last week with our first LVA live VLOG stream where we will be discussing and showcasing projects and topics like projection mapping, digital design techniques, real time graphics and now live streaming content and virtual events,

I hope you check out the first episode and subscribe to the You Tube Channel to help us grow and get notified about our next video.

You can also catch me on MIXER doing some VR gaming and 3D art plus re streaming the VLOG show and some other cool streamers on the platform.

Until next time … Hats of to you my digital warriors ,

Vj Guy

New company Linked-In Page + Streaming channel

First we want to wish everyone out there a safe and healthy week. Hopefully everyone who can is staying in and helping to stop the spread while our essential workers are out there keeping things moving. We are all in this together and taking care of each other by following the precautions to help bring things back to normal .
I made a GIF that is shared in the previous blog post to help spread the message of #stayhome if anyone feels like sharing it out there.

Get Linked in to LVA
If you are on Linked-in and want to connect with Livevideoart on that platform please click the image below and follow our new official business page.

I have had some luck on this job search site as a freelancer with some big opportunities finding me once and a while over the years and so we hope this trend will grow along with us at our new LVA home on Linked In.

Live Streams and Vlogs
We have set up some streaming channels in an attempt to stay connected with our audience and friends out there and also encourage us to publish some more VLOG style content with some live streams showing design and project process.

For the foreseeable future we will do a live stream at least once a week starting Tuesday March 31st, on You Tube and on Mixer featuring original live performances DJ/VJ mixes info vids like tips on using Resolume for VJs & projection mapping artists.
We also have a space for some casual VR gaming streams and place to geek out on the latest piece of ARVJ kit.

Sculpting assets for refleXion in Z-Brush

Z Brush is one of my main modeling tools along with Maya and I have used it for a wide range of production needs. 3D sculpting tools like Z brush are used to add hyper realistic details to models or create full 3d assets in a unique intuitive artist driven way. Powerful exporting tools allow us to create high detail production content as well as real time game models or files for 3D printing within the same workflow. Seamless fie sending to Maya and back makes it easy to build and texture objects and then pop into Maya with Go Z to animate and set things up. Once a base model file is set up we export the model for use in Unity 3d where we apply the refleXion component effects and animator controls.
We are building up some cool content for the first refleXion release from Wack Monster Interactive that I am excited to share soon. Experimenting with some concepts like unlocking and unfolding interconnected objects as you explore our first real-time visuals source app… More on that to come
Check out a few videos I will list here of my sculpting / modelling process in Z brush. The mutant shark was used in The Funhouse Underwater Ballroom Halloween scene and came out to attack the “glass” wall scaring the kids who came near triggering out interactive sensor zones.

Learn more about refleXion real time visuals systems at

Just want to wish everyone a safe time ahead and send a huge thank you out to all the health care workers and other essential workers out there keeping the world moving.
We hope to see you and share much more livevideoart IRL soon as this all clears up .
Vj Guy 🙂 one <3

refleXions of Clara Venice

Back in September we met up with our colourful friend Clara Venice to give her a personal tour of the Funhouse Underwater Ballroom. We invited her to explore the scene, where she could play with all the interactive projection mapping elements while we discussed possibilities of using reflexion visuals in her show. 
For those who don’t know Clara Venice, I’d described her as the best theremin player I know of – a talented young musician sporting a sweet Holographic Pop Vocalist look and electro sound with wonderfully written melodies and lyrics filled with catchy hooks that you won’t soon forget. In Clara’s words “I control frequencies with my mind” and that she does, emulating the slight of hand magic that audiences witness during her live shows. Clara also actively advocates for her instrument and has created a cool series of demonstration videos and cover songs showcasing the Theremin… the only musical instrument you play without touching. 
You can check out all of her music and other fun posts on her insta.. @claravenice or website

We met Clara earlier this year when she was performing at The Funhouse where we really enjoyed the music and was wowed by that theremin performance so we figured it was a great fit to have her play at the refleXion_visuals launch party. It so happens that she has performed around the world, recently touring Japan and performing for some of the biggest tech company corporate events spending a lot of time between LA and hometown Toronto. So we were lucky to have her play our launch party and It’s been a joy to work with her. I was impressed by Clara’s technical knowledge and how she is already using creative projection effects and crowd interaction ideas in her shows. We naturally began discussing possibilities of adding refleXion visuals into her performance. Leveraging our Interactive projection mapping and AR tools could help engage the audience and tell her live show story in a more dynamic and exciting way by giving her fans new ways to interact and experience the show.
On this special day with Clara we brought our photographer Andrija Dimitrijević of AD Photografe with us to capture Clara exploring the immersive Underwater Ballroom and interacting with our augmented reality projection world.
Thanks so much Clara for your interest in refleXion visuals and for sharing your wonderful talents with us. Please enjoy Clara’s augmented underwater Adventure with us in the gallery below…

Article by : Scott VJ Guy (LVA founder and director)
The Funhouse Toronto created by : @mondoforma
Photo Credits : AD Photografe
No unauthorized usage

Photo Credit : AD Photografe
No unauthorized usage

If you want to learn more about our refleXion 360 Augmented reality projection systems like the one that powered The Funhouse this year you can visit the developer page for refleXion or watch for more blog posts from
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refleXion launch After Movie and gallery

Video created by @mareks.petersons of @farneardesigns

Sending a big thank you out to everyone who attended our refleXion launch event back in September @TheFunhouseToronto .
This summer Livevideoart has been a proud partner at The Funhouse a Pop Up experiential art maze and event venue Just off Queen St. in Toronto. Inside this hyper creative interactive art maze we worked with set artists to create the Underwater Ballroom and other projection illusions.
Our LVA mediaserver and the new RefleXion Spatial Augmented Reality tools were installed and customized to bring a real time interactive projection world to life and entertain guests. This fully automated and interactive environmental system is a milestone in the world of live show control, projection mapping and augmented reality and a big achievement for our little shop and dev team at
Thanks 1000000 to our special guest entertainment for the night @claravenice and @_planetb_ for sharing their live performances and original music with us. Check back for the next LVA blog for a post all about our sparkly friend Clara.

refleXion news release

At LVA and Wack Monster Interactive We are really excited to launch our new services and software tools into the world this Summer and fall at The Funhouse Toronto . We officially dropped this press release about a month ago and invited a bunch of tech heads and experience creators to come to Funhouse and see what we are up to.

For immediate release: August 19, 2019 

Media Advisory

New Spatial Augmented Reality System Enters Toronto Tech Stream

Launching this month, refleXion, brings its unique visual display technology to the city’s latest pop-up event space

Toronto, ONT, 08/19/2019 — There must be something in the water. How else can you explain the magical visual-effects on display at Toronto’s Funhouse? Deep under the surface of the pop-up venue’s 3rd floor Underwater Ballroom lies a new innovation in multi user visual technology. 
Designed as a tool suite and control system for show designers, artists, marketers and moment-makers, refleXion is launching as a spatial augmented reality experience that enables real-time customization of event visuals like projection mapping, LED displays and lighting systems. The applications are as endless as the ocean is blue – from interactive concerts to live presentations, pre-set visual activations or cumulatively generated curations – the goal is to have a completely unique user-influenced experience with multiple points of interaction to explore. The reactions are environment-based and evolve and project in real-time on immersive visual surfaces. 

With collective backgrounds in UX design, software/game development, digital art and live production, partners Scott Guy and David Boon of Wack Monster Interactive have created the refleXion system out of their desire to enable easy, interesting ways to animate visual experiences. Interacting with 3D-graphics in real-time offers an advanced sense of connectivity between the audience and the live show. Scott, also founder of LiveVideoArt (LVA), a full-service event-visuals and system-controls partner, knows the limitations of current market offerings first-hand.

“As an end-user, the goal was to have a creative 3D tool suite for building reactive visuals and offer complete control of the scene in real-time with an easy to use interface – it’s an empowering way to take your control system to the next level without re-inventing the wheel for every unique application,” says Scott.

LVA, in partnership with Wack Monster, has deployed refleXion to the public for their latest project in creating a 360° ‘Underwater Ballroom’ at The Funhouse Toronto. The space is setup with AR projection-mapping capabilities, interactive elements, music automation and motion-activated scene changes, powered by a custom media server system. refleXion is the AI feuling the animations housed-within, the brains behind the crowd-reactive deep-sea environment. The scenes are filled with schools of fish, seahorses and manta rays, fully-automated with motions that never repeat. Each scene and moment is as unique as the audience witnessing it, and they are encouraged to participate, explore and be surprised with what they uncover along the way. 

“The Funhouse is where refleXion truly came to life, where it really began to swim with an intended ‘mind-of-its-own’. The real-time capabilities of this software allow the visual elements to act independently or be influenced by multiple users. It also gives control to a single-user or the whole audience, depending on your desired result. It reacts to a custom combination of sound, motion, environmental elements and other-users, so it becomes a living world open for each person to discover.”

refleXion is on display at The Funhouse, 101 Lisgar St, during regular operating hours, 3rd floor in the Underwater Ballroom. A special invite-only software launch party will be held September 18, 2019 at The Funhouse. There, creators Scott and David will present key features, entertain with live demos, discuss development and have a Q & A followed by an interactive performance. 

For an invite or for interviews, write to  

About Wack Monster Interactive (WMI):

Founded by creative technologists Scott Guy and David Boon, WMI is a Toronto start-up creating interactive 3D software, games and tools for spatial augmented reality. 

About LiveVideoArt (LVA):

Servicing the entertainment, marketing and tech sectors, LVA designs live visual experiences and builds media server configurations and show-control systems to power high-end projects including multi-projection mapping displays.

PR Contact:

Mandy Leon 


Online version –


Adidas time warp with Jam3

Award winning international digital design and production agency Jam3 brought us on board for some amazing projects over the years. Livevideoart is very proud to assist this highly creative and ambitious team and realize some special flagship projects like these two for adidas Originals. We worked with Jam3 team to create powerful interactive immersive experiences around the drop of their latest shoes like the Predator and the newly updated Ozweego.
The Ozweego future of style update and shoe giveaway on August 8th in NYC was a very detailed project with an AR projection system at its core, seamlessly integrated with the set design. The visual concepts were strong and Jam3 delivered amazing content to work with. The whole thing wrapped in a careful social media campaign/free shoe giveaway and it was a big success.
From street side POP Up giveaway in NEW York city to a mobile shipping container deployed in LA and Toronto for the M.L.S cup we are excited to be building augmented reality interactive projection mapping experiences everywhere we go.
Jam3 has been an excellent partner pushing the development of real time projection mapping systems and high quality tech driven experiences like Ozweego project and the Predator experience 2017/18 where we installed a projection mapping media server and installed a floor to ceiling wrap around projection cave into a shipping container. See the case study video by Jam3 and the levels of detail that go into these high end spatial augmented reality experiences.

There are so many possibilities in the experiential marketing sector and we are always pushing the possibilities of what can be done for brands and of course entertainment experiences as well.

The Funhouse is back and about to open June 1st

LIVEVIDEOART is proud to be a big part of The Funhouse Toronto brought to you by Mondo Forma inc. The whole team involved is working overtime and really excited for our upcoming launch Saturday June 1st.
The Funhouse is a walk through exploration exhibit of otherworldly fully immersive art installations and a trip into another dimension that showcases many Toronto artists’ creativity and use of new media technology.

In partnership with Universal music Canada , we are featuring musicians from the label as inspiration to the art rooms, creating visions of the individual artists’ music in tangible form, a feast for the eyes that is drawn from the musicians’ styles.

Spanning the full 3 floors of a custom renovated venue and event space-turned-underwater psychedelic ballroom, that we augmented with a fully immersive smart digital projection environment.
In 2018 we were brought in to add projection mapping illusions to some of the scenes within this massive ARTstravaganza.
After a year of delays beyond our control the project is back for 2019 and all set to open on June 1st. We are really happy we stuck with it and have to send a huge thanks to Mondo Forma inc for making it work out. Mondo Forma is a group of young and creative Toronto entrepreneurs who may be best known for the previous project The House of VR on Queen St. in Toronto. I first met with the team when I took part in a HOVR special event for Nuit Blanche 2017 and we foreshadowed a future of collaborating on something bigger . Well this is the something bigger and with the new location + all the amazing work that gone in  from a huge group of co-creators we are set to launch something even more incredible than I had dreamed and it’s all about the art made for Toronto by Toronto.

As Digital Media Co Lead I am designing and installing the projection mapping systems and animated content. Collaborating with LED lighting lead Nathan Wilford  and Aaron an old friend from Solstice Festival days as electrician in lighting the space and integrating projections and creative vfx over some amazing set pieces built by the production build team Manual Arts and the massive art/design team.

Rigging and testing projectors

We are deploying multiple projection and smart lighting systems to enhance the spaces created in collaborations with a deeply talented group of set designers and artists of different styles and mediums all guided by the high level design vision of the department heads and leaders like Creative Director Steph Payne and Lead ballroom prop maker Leigh Van Maaren. @binaryrainbow . You should take a minute and see all the artists involved on The Funhouse website here ..

Instead of simply creating a seamless projection scene, we pushed our media server and real time control technology to the next level, delivering something brand new and especially mind-bending.
Designed to work with our media servers and created by our sister company, dev team Wack Monster, founded by David Boon and Scott Guy. We are excited to be  premiering refleXion augmented reality 3d projection mapping tools . With our game engine based projection mapping tools we can create living scenes filled with objects, effects and creatures that react to real world inputs and deliver a smart and exploratory visual experience. Big kudos to David for all his crafty coding and  engineering as we have been designing / prototyping the refleXion suite of tools and have developed some interesting ways to interact with live real time visuals. For The Funhouse realtime 3D underwater world we built an array of simple PIR sensors that collect movement data from the entire room.

reflexion sensors . custom made PCB with 3D printed cases .

Projection mapping realtime 3D worlds with refleXion and the power of Resolume Arena projection mapping tools

I will follow up with some more posts about the refleXion system being used at The Funhouse underwater ballroom as I finish the installation and run it over the summer. Additional posts will feature the work collaborating with Casey Watson / Jazz Cartier Ben Johnson and other artists in the Funhouse art maze preceding the ballroom.


LIVEVIDEOART is providing the latest LVA360 media server to power the main Underwater Ballroom space. This will drive synchronised visuals to 7 video projectors and also control the room lighting , sound and be automated by a programmed schedule and collection of presets and live crowd scale motion sensor inputs.

We are using a variety of projectors to achieve the illusions and they are all being provided by our amazing tech hardware sponsor Big Digital Corp.  LVA has worked with Big Digital regularly over the last 2 years as their projection mapping technologist while they have been delivering top tech solutions around Toronto and Canada like the Genesis Experience at Pearson Airport or projection mapping City Hall for the Drake Scorpion album launch. I thank them on behalf of everyone at The Funhouse for setting us up with a great set of installation-class projectors and other hardware.

It is a privilege to be part of something like this and I cant wait to see it come alive for you all to experience. Adding projections into such a detailed set is a huge responsibility so I am pleased to say I think we nailed it and had a great time collaborating with the rest of the team .

Watch the @livevideoart and @reflexion_visuals Instagram for lots of behind the scenes posts throughout the summer.

Tickets are on sale and available here

The Funhouse Digital Media Co Lead

Motion and depth sensors for AR and Mixed Reality

We have been using several types of sensor and depth cameras over the years to enable advance 3d tracking of peoples positions or even full skeletons. More and more this is being integrated into live visual experiences, used to control the latest real time projected AR graphics. We are aiming to support a variety of sensors in the refleXion augmented reality projections toolkit and I thought I could list some of the most interesting systems I came across in my research.

When Microsoft first came out with the Kinect sensor it was a game changer for people wanting access to affordable and high quality motion tracking. I was excited to see this kind of tech rise and find ways to use it myself like we are doing with unity 3d and refleXion Visuals . Many in the field were sad to hear the Kinect was going off the market but I am happy to say now we have a new Kinect-DK coming and it is more designed for developers this time. It is cloud enabled for deep learning and I guess whatever you can dream upI am very excited to try it out hopefully in the next month or so. When I do I will write up a little report and post a example.

New hotness !

The ZED camera by Stereo Labs is a special device that I see a lot of potential in. It has two depth cameras for 2K stereoscopic vision and Zdepth detection.

Also built into the camera body is a set of motion and gyro sensors that can detect positional and orientation movements for the on board SLAM (Similtanious Localization And Mapping). ZED can act as the eyes and positional brain for and autonomous navigating robot.  With a range of up to 20 Meters I am very interested in using the ZED camera in our refleXion toolkit for full room depth and motion tracking. There is the regular and the ZED mini that is intended for a VR head mount display upgrade so you can do pass through AR and depth tracking

For developers and researchers looking for a small light weight low er cost solution for machine vision sensor  Tera Bee has some interesting products I could see being very useful in full room AR installations . The Active IR time of flight depth sensors and mini Lidar are meant for high speed depth detection and can be used in scenarios where privacy is protected and vision cameras are not acceptable.

The one system I know I want but can’t afford unless we get a big BIG project is Black Trax from Cast software . Black Trax is a ultra high end solution for detailed positional tracking. It uses a proprietary beacon system and TOF IR cameras to locate up to 80 different objects precise  movement and orientation. with this you can do things like have auto tracking spotlights on performers and projection mapping on moving objects.  Black Trax is a full system of hardware components and PC server to calibrate and stream the data. The positional data can be sent to any number of inputs like a media server or game engine.

Best regards to anyone who I met this week at FITC , Thank you Shawn and the organizers it was a lot of fun and there were really good presentations and demos throughout . Shout out to Beeple for 12 years of every days . I don’t know how you do it . Good guy, gave me a few moments to talk shop. More about that later.


Reverse blogging from insta | Casa Loma 2016

Been organizing my posts on the new insta account and sharing some info on past projects in sets of 3 posts .  All together they make a decent blog entry.

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Large scale multi projection installations require meticulous planning and the right equipment to get high quality results. While working at Casa Loma in 2015-2016 Livevideoart founder @scottvjguy helped design, install and calibrate multiple permanent projection systems. Before that in 2014 we were also the first ever to do projection mapping on this historic building for #dongoodtequila. See the warping mesh here that helps fit the content tightly to the 3d building surface. Achieved with @avstumpfl vioso wings on a custom build PC media server. —- #livevideoart #livevisuals #3dprojectionmapping #mediaserver #projectionmapping #illumination #lightfestival #themeparks #legendsofhorror #installationart #technician #immersive #vioso #casaloma

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Casa Loma started construction in 1911. Working in a designated historical building can be tricky. Many things are actually set in stone and compromise is constantly required to get anything done. Non invasive installation techniques are critical because everything you touch is history. The challenge was worth it because to me it felt like we were representing more than just an event or company. It helps to know the history of a place so if anyone living in Toronto has yet to visit the Casa then I highly encourage it. Built by Sir Henry Pellatt who was Canadas top financier of industry and the General of The Queens Own Rifles. The Gothic Revival style was designed by E.J. Lennox and built by master trades people using fine imported materials from Europe. A big reason for building such a grand mansion was to host royal visits of the King and Queen of england. The place has a interesting history for sure. Many movies and shows are filmed here and it was even a base for our military intelligence spy group during WW2. My Mother brought me here as a kid a lot because we lived just below the hill house in Toronto's Annex neighborhood so it felt strangely like home when I worked there and got to know every inch of the place. Its like I have some odd connection with historical sites . I used to live in one and have worked at several now. ———- #livevideoart #historicalbuilding #toronto #torontonightlife #canadianhistory #casaloma #productiondesign #projectionmapping #eventdesoign #castle #canadascastle #canada150🇨🇦 #canada150 #mediaserver #filmlocation #stockfootage #themepark #immersive #experience #hollywoodnorth #vioso #sgp360 #aerial #drone #areialphotography

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More from the Casa archive, Legends Of Horror 2016~ Developing projection systems across a location as large as Casa Loma required a wide range of equipment and techniques. We used aerial drone photos and digital photogrametry to make the 3d casa model template for projection effects. A variety of speciality projection rigs were needed to cover the expansive live walkthrough shows. It was a great learning experience working under and along side some really talented people at Liberty Entertainment and EMD shows. It hepled make clear to me the way forward for my projection mapping services. ———— #photogrametry #projectionmapping #livevideoart #casaloma #productionlife #mediaserver #projectormount #installation #themepark #experiential #theatertech #livedesign #3dprojectionmapping #barcoprojectors #optomaprojectors #fabrication #casedesign #installationdesign #videoprojectionmapping #3dscan #buildingscan #drone #photosynth #casioprojectors #realityscan #newmediaart #newmedia #casaloma

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Fairland Funhouse Funjob

I was contacted earlier this year about getting involved in the production of a amazing arts and music pop up venue known as Fiarland Funhouse.  The walk through “art maze” and venue experience to be installed in a fantastic location in Kensington Market that was formerly a grocery store. The Funhouse crew is transforming the space with a full renovation to lead the way for the installation of a series of immersive art installations.
I was happy to join Creative Director Stephanie Payne and the rest of the collaborative team as a Technical Director and Lead Projection designer.  Fairlands Funhouse is a great opportunity to work together with a great collection of local artists and creators , some of the team I know already as friends and previous collaborators too so its a really great project to be a part of and build something fun and truly creative for all of Toronto to enjoy.

The pre production is almost done and we are ready to get into the location to set up all the fun , waiting on a few last details and working out the bugs in our new projections system. The place opens in early August and runs into October so there will be lots to share and show everyone from the production to the final works. I hope everyone I know in the area will come and join the experience.

Visit the Funhouse website here for info and tickets –

Blog rebuild 2.0

After being hacked and wiped once again I sure hope we have solved our security issues.

LIVEVIDEOART is still here and all those blog posts I put my deepest thoughts into will be reposted and remain in the Archive Section of a new better more regular blog .

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