Media Servers

Design | Assembly | Configuration of custom Media Server systems .

Download the full PDF on the LIVEVIDEOART LVA360 Media Server 

High bandwidth multi output computer system with advanced GPU and video capabilities designed specifically for video projection mapping and live interactive show control of multiple advanced systems. 

  • Multiple input output connection configurations available
  • Expandable output slots from 4x 4k or up to 16  discrete 1080p outputs.
  • UHD + Video image capabilities up to 8k
  • Lighting and other DMX systems control and synchronization
  • RefleXion A.R.P Interactive 3D software for incredible live 3D and AR projection effects
  • Companion APP for wireless smart device control of projects and scenes
  • Resolume Arena, we highly recommend this ultimate Media server software
  • High end Server and Workstation class components for maximum performance.