Live Video Art enables your creative visions through technology and design to maximize the impact of your next project.

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  • Providing high end visual solutions  
    • Our passion and purpose is to create using advanced designs and technology.
    • Live Video Art installations and our unique visual shows will enhance environments, entertain guests and communicate information in new and exciting ways .
  • Innovative Technologists 
    • Captivating spectacles of light and sound are now being augmented further with a multitude of interactive and data driven options.
    •  Ask Us about our latest interactive display and sensor driven technologies like the Reflexion AR projections suite. 

Specializing in:

  • Projection Mapping Designs and Installations
  • Interactive Experiences,
  • World Class VJ Performances
  • 360 environments and full dome projections
  • Interactive art
  • information kiosks and data visualizations
  • Experiential Installations
  • Augmented  Reality Projections

LED wall design and rentals !
Now offering LED wall systems. If you require LED panels we have you covered with high quality indoor/outdoor LED wall systems from our hardware partners. 

Professionals you can trust
You can rely on our techs and installation pros. We will always source the best possible equipment for competitive price and staff highly qualified people to bring it together.

Highlights :
Profiles of some of our favourite projects.
For more info contact us and we will send the full case study .PDF

Client : Adidas (Jam 3)
Activation : Predator Shoe launch experience
Info : Provided projection mapping AR design within shipping container
Event : Tango League soccer Championships by Adidas
Location : Los Angles , California, USA
Client : Apple Music (Big Digital Corp)
Activation : Toronto City Hall Drake projection mapping
Info : Provided production design and projection mapping technician
Event : Drake – Scorpion album launch promotion
Location : Toronto , Canada

Client : Liberty Entertainment (EMD Show Services)
Activation : Casa Loma, (castle) Projection Mapping
Info : Provided projection mapping consultations, calibration and operation
Event : Legends of Horror , Halloween (Full month run)
Location : Toronto , Canada

Client : Big Tooth Events
Activation : Thunder Ground stage projection mapping
Info : Provided projection mapping designs, calibration and live VJ Sets
Event : Valhalla Sound Circus , Summer Music Festival 2017
Location : Quebec , Canada

Client : Big Digital corp
Activation : Interactive projection mapping demo (scale model)
Info : Custom, free standing projection pedestal with interactive effects
Usage : Every day practical use testing and presenting projection possibilities
Location : In House demonstration at Big Digital head office.


Video Projection Mapping Designs:
Maximize the impact of your event with custom projection animations and 3D surface design to fit any theme. Full motion 3d animations and UHD compositions that transform your architecture, staging or environment of choice into a living illusion in any visual style you choose.
Vj Guy will take your vision all the way from concept development to production making sure your show has the ultimate visual appeal.

VJ Performance:
We will arrive to illuminate your event with style. Request custom screen and staging designs to enhance your visual impact or If you have a video installation we are ready to light it up.

Hardware Sales and support :
Custom built media servers , Display Systems, Projectors, Interactive XM solutions and everything in between. Please inquire about your hardware needs and we can present a quality reliable solution.

Software Sales and support:
Proudly part of several official re seller programs. Ontario’s only direct sales and expert support of Resolume Arena Media Server Software and RefleXion Augmented Reality Projection system.

Resolume and Media Server expert user training
One on one or group training sessions available to get your or your team up to speed on how to operate our systems and create your own visions using tools like Resolume Arena.  

Production Design and Stage Design Consulting :
Get in touch to discuss your custom production plan.

Display installation, media systems & Smart lighting:
Display systems design and installation, consulting, Media server and theater room installations, Smart automation and lighting.

Event Video and Time Lapse Capture :
Film your event using a variety high quality specialty cameras.
Time Lapse to see it all come together or use the 360 degree camera to replay the scene from any angle in Virtual Reality Goggles or from any smart device.
Processing and basic titles included. *

Aerial photography :
Capture photos or video with a professional quality drone to get the bigger picture.
2 person crew and SFOC Permit required for commercial flights in populated areas.

Video Editing & Post :
HD and UHD Video editing in house for your projects. Combine multiple content sources and a few creative ideas into a impressive high quality video production you will be proud to share.
Camera stabilization, Color Correction, Re timing, Motion titles, Music

3D Building and Location Scanning :
Using precise aerial photography techniques and advanced 3d photogrametry software we can capture every detail of your location and recreate it digitally in 3D for your production needs like building your 3D animations from for projection mapping effects or event location and layout planning.

Contact LIVEVIDEOART Owner Operator Scott Guy for any of the services listed .

Additional Services:

  • Media Server Operator and show design author for large scale multi projection config and show control.  VIOSO , RESOLUME ,
  • Environmental lighting lighting design, Interior LED installations
  • Group Workshops (intensive hands on LVA training seminars guided by Scott VJ Guy)
  • Content provider offering VJ loops for sale or some for free download use.
  • 3D Photogrametry, modeling of complex projection shapes and buildings for high end 3D mapping effects.
  • 360 VR & 3D Stereoscopic image creation and Projection
  • LED Wall design and pixel mapping , LED video wall technician
Use the Contact form or e-mail:  SGP360@livevideoart.com for a free quote on any of the services mentioned above. Please include the date of your event or project delivery and a brief description of your visual needs.

refleXion (learn more)

Coming soon to the live video art community , refleXion is a new 3D visualization tool for live visuals and interactive immersive AR projections system.