Media Servers

Design | Assembly | Configuration of custom Media Server systems .

Reflex ARP Media Servers by LIVE VIDEO ART:

High bandwidth multi output computer system with advanced GPU and video capabilities designed specifically for video projection mapping and live interactive show control of multiple advanced systems. 

  • Multiple input output connection configurations available
  • Expandable output slots from 4x 4k or up to 16  discrete 1080p outputs.
  • UHD + Video image capabilities up to 8k
  • Lighting and other DMX systems control and synchronization
  • RefleXion A.R.P Interactive 3D software for incredible live 3D and AR projection effects
  • Companion APP for wireless smart device control of projects and scenes
  • Resolume Arena, we highly recommend this ultimate Media server software
  • High end Server and Workstation class components for maximum performance.